Celebrating our volunteer Ian!

Celebrating our volunteer Ian!

If you’ve ever come to an event and been greeted by our lovely Ian offering tea and cake and a welcoming smile you will know what a great bloke he is. Not only does he support all the volunteers and customers in this way, nothing is too much trouble. When we were approached by colleges seeking work-based placements for adults with special needs, Ian knew that this was something we really wanted to support and offered to do specialist training to be able to do that. He has volunteered on whatever days were needed, changing them so we could support more people and then still coming out at night to serve teas at the open mics, do the social posts and take part! When the jobs were done he would offer guitar lessons to the adults and as they enjoyed themselves so much he offered to support so they could become volunteers and add a place for Surrey Choices to place adults too. The internships were instrumental in making so many improvements to the venue, not least in helping us to increase our accessibility. None of this would have happened without Ian. We nominated him for a Volunteer of the Year award and here he is having fun at the ceremony at the WWF Living Planet Centre. Thank you to Ian and all our fantastic volunteers!

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