Final chance to have a say: Borough Council consultation on Woking Town Centre

Final chance to have a say: Borough Council consultation on Woking Town Centre

As you know, we have the current Fiery Bird building until March 2020 and have been looking for a permanent place for some years. In 2014, our petition was accepted by full council but at that time the town was undergoing development and there was no permanent space. I know you are all aware of our work and our intention, as well as the possibilities that open if a permanent space is allocated so would ask that to help us make some impact you take part in the council's consultation. This is your chance to put your views across and share it with friends, families and connections so everyone gets the chance to take part, not just for our project but so they can be part of the whole process.

The FINAL chance to consult has been issued by Woking Borouch Council and it gives people a chance to have a say on what they wish to see there. Here is the link from the council facebook page through to the documents or you can go directly to the council's consultation page.

The consultation period ends at 5pm on Monday 17 December 2018.

You can submit comments online, by email or by post.

Our current area is listed under UA15 and is proposed for leisure and community. For our purposes, it would be great if you could suggest that Phoenix Cultural Centre CIC/Fiery Bird be given a permanent footprint to provide a live music, cultural and community venue sited in the town centre for positive social, community, economic and educational impact on the borough. It was accepted in 2014 and we have done much positive work in all of those areas for a number of years to justify this now being made certain.

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